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Ropes and Ribbons for the Agriculture and Floriculture Sector

The large variety of working processes allows us to realize many different kind of cords and braids.
Flat elastic band for masks

Flat Elastic mm 5 Art. 7200/03T/002

Round elastic band for masks

Round Elastic mm 3 Art. ZF/09

Allavelli Treccia Eurolight

Eurolight Braid

Treccia Europa

Polyester HT Braid

Europa Mare Rope

Mexico Double Braid

Granita Polyester HT Braid

Regata Braid

PPL Granita Braid

T16 Braid

Cima Marina Allavelli

Cima Marina Rope

Linea Cotone Manuale


Allavelli treccia ppl art.502

Linea PPL Art. 502

Linea PPL Art. 304

Rat Tail Cord

Elastic Cord V-eco

Policot Twine

Taffeta Ribbon Art. 1081

Taffeta Ribbon Art. 1081

Bicolor Ribbon Art. 1026

Double Satin Ribbon with Metal Edge Art. 1014

Transparent Ribbon Art. 1500

Organza Ribbon Art. 1020

Organza Satin Ribbon Art. 1022

Bow Ribbon Art. 1502

Multiband Ribbon Art. 1506

Vichy Ribbons

Golden Ribbon Art. 1601

Double Satin Ribbon

Bicolor Film Ribbon

Net Ribbon Art. 2012

Metallic Ribbon Art. 2014

Metallic Ribbon Art. 2013

Metallic Ribbon Art. 1630

Multiband Metallic Ribbon Art. 1620

Metallic Ribbon Art. 1622

Metallic Ribbon Art. 1610

FULL GOLD Ribbon Art. 1605

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