Ropes and Twines

Europa Mare Rope

3 Stand Rope in polyester MT, double torsion, consistant hand and available in several colors


Polyester MT

Sizes available:

from mm 6 to mm 32


in Bobbin or Coil


Mooring rope, Nautical cord, Cima da Ormeggio, Fishing rope, Industrial cord


In order to select the right PES rope for mooring You need consider that the maximum loading has to be 50% of the breaking loading point of the line. The usual working loading has to be around 20-30% of the total breaking tenacity of the rope. Given the nature of the fiber, the data are realistic but just indicative and not guaranteed

Technical Data

DIAMETER in mm.GR. / MT.MT. / BOB.KG. / BOB.Packaging
85020010Bob. 250 x 350
108020016Bob. 300 x 350
1211020022Bob. 340 x 350
1415510015,5Bob. 300 x 350
1619510019,5Bob. 340 x 350
1825010025Bob. 340 x 350
2031010031Bob. 400 x 350
2234010034Bob. 400 x 350
2440010040Rotolo da corderia
2652010052Rotolo da corderia
2860010060Rotolo da corderia
3069010069Rotolo da corderia
3278010078Rotolo da corderia

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