Cords and Braids

Flat Waxed Laces

Cotton Braids with flat shape, waxed with natural substances



Sizes Available:

from mm. 2,5 to mm.14


in Bobbin or Cut in Pieces


Shoe Laces, Waxed laces for Shoes, Waxed Cords for Fabric Bags and TNT, Labels and Tags, Waxed cords for Bacelets and Necklaces, Jelwelry, Waxed cords for Shopping Bags, Fashion and Accessories, Laces for Belt manufacturing, Laces for Leather


The Flat Waxed laces are available also in Pantone color on demand

Technical Data

Yassi 203120Y3,3500
Sac 203120YS3,3500
Yassi 303130Y4,5250
Sac 303130YS4,8250
Yassi 403140Y5,3250
Sac 403140YS5,5250
Yassi 503150Y6,3250
Sac 503150YS6,3250
Yassi 603160Y6,8170
Sac 603160YS6,8170
Flat Waxed Laces – Available Colours

T2 Nero

510 Grigio

A34 Grigio

WC798 Grigio

A11 Grigio

110 Grigio

WB797 Grigio

550 Verde

180 Verde

500 Verde

A39 Verde

A5 Verde

A22 Blu Notte

620 Blu

650 Blu royal

A21 Bluette

A6 Blu

280 Azzurro

A41 Turchese

4737 Celeste

A38 Verde

686 Viola

A3 Viola

A4 Lilla

A37 Fuxia

600 Fuxia

A1 Rosa

A24 Rosa

A31 Giallo

A13 Giallo

530 Giallo

A14 Giallo Ocra

A32 Arancio

165 Arancio

320 Rosso

A16 Rosso

A17 Rosso

490 Bordeaux

SOA17 Bordeaux

A25 Bordeaux

200 Marrone

A10 Marrone

220 Marrone

A3 Marrone

A28 Tabacco

710 Beige

A30 Avorio

405 Ecru

A8 Grezzo

T2 Bianco

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